hiperwalk.plot_success_probability(range, probabilities, figsize=(10, 6), dpi=100, time_step=1, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot the success probability as a function of the number of steps.

Assumes that the probabilities have already been calculated.

range: tuple of int

Range used for the quantum walk simulation. See QuantumWalk.simulate() for details.


Success probabilities with respect to time, such that probabilities[i] corresponds to i-th timestamp described by time.

figsizetuple, default=(10, 6)

Figure size in inches. Must be a tuple in the format (WIDTH, HEIGHT).

dpifloat, default=100

Figure resolution in dots-per-inch.

time_step: float, default=1

Time interval between simulation steps.


Additional arguments to customize plot. See matplotlib.pyplot.plot for the optional keywords.